What you learn too late in your life?

Writing what Iam learn too late in my life, including some real situations and many more. life learn everything thing, if we really find what is our mistakes we easy to get success. I will ask many life experts I am writing here , what they are learn too late on life.catch this points.this is suggested opinions on what really we learn very late.

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1. Sometimes you **win**, Some times you **learn** , But Your **Never defeated.**
2. Stop chasing For Crush and start living your life.
3. happiness Is **Expectations vs. Reality**
4. You cannot achieve success without **failure, Patience, dedication**
5. **Over thinking** killing happiness
6. No one Help you Hard-times. Hard Times **Reveal True Friends**.
7. No One Full **Honest person** in this World. ( Including Me)
8. Don't Judge by **It's cover**s.
9. Life is a full of Problems, We are **Ready Solve.**
10. Happiness is** What you Think.**
11. **The Secret book** (https://amzn.to/2HAuc3z)** (law of Attraction) **is very Powerful
12. Hard working not get rich, Nobody gets rich doing **9–5 job**.
13. '**I don't know anything**' always keep this in your mind! It will make you to learn a lot!
14. **Yes, I can Do it **Changes Your Life,
15. Negative thinking Is **very dangerous**
16. Intelligence means **not speaking English** (or any language)
17. Knowledge is **not measured by exams**, and marks.
18. **Realization important** than motivation
19. Spending **social media websites** are waste of time.
20. **Pain **is the synonym of **LOVE**.
21. LEARN TO **SAY NO**.
22. Don't run behind MONEY. Work on how to **Be HAPPY** rather than how to **Be RICH.**
23. **Never loss** your humanity.
24. If you **don't believe you**, **nobody believe you**.
25. Even **best friend** can** turn** into **enemy **or a complete stranger.
26. Don't Give **free Suggestions**
27. Don't tell anybody all your **secrets and witness**
28. **Ego Kill** Any Relationship.
29. **Never Say** always am "Free"
30. **Time **is money
31. **Never postpone** anything.
32. **Forgive Everyone**, You will feel happy.
33. **Never discourage** Yourself
34. iTs not over Until **You Win**
35. Don't Use Mobile When Other people **talking important matter**.
36. No One Change you, if you don't i want to change.
37. **Don't Love Who Are Beautiful**, Love **Who is change your life to beautiful**
38. **Peaceful **is very beautiful.
39. Your'e creator of your **own destiny.**
40. **only 5%** real love in this world.
41. You will** never stop learning**. and that is a really good thing.
42. **Never disappoint **with what you don't have
43. Respect everyone, **learn from everything**
44. Say "**All IS Well**"
45. Don't believe In Fate
46. don't Talk with anyone when you **angry ( Hungry)**
47. No matter what happens in life, **Never Give Up...**
48. Pain IS **Temporary**, Skills Are Permanent.
49. Your **passion** is the answer for **everything**.
50. Sometimes **small things** give more happiness…
51. give Respect to Everyone i Mean **"Everyone"**
52. THERE ARE **NO SHORTCUTS Get Success**
53. Don't Ask Suggestions **Selfish Persons** ( They will give answer there comfort)
54. Don't Repeat **Same** **Mistakes**…
55. **Not all good answers Get Up votes**
56. Don't reassure people **who once cheated us.**
57. Stop editing selfie**s**…**start Making memories**
58. **Don't See the depth **(Risk) with two legs…
59. **Comment below** what you learn late in your life?
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