Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh

Are you planning a trip to Belum caves in Andhra Pradesh? Then you have come to the correct page. Here you will get important information of Belum caves regarding the features, fees and timings, accommodation facilities and many more. Read this article before you plan the trip.

Belum Caves

In Andhra Pradesh state, you can see different caves. Belum caves in Telugu language also known as Belum Guhalu is considered to be the second largest cave of Indian subcontinent. If you are interested to visit the caves in Andhra Pradesh state, don't miss your chance to see the Belum Caves as it is the longest caves in plains of Indian subcontinent famous for the formation of stalagmite and stalactite. Actually this caves derived their name from the Sanskrit word Bilum which means caves. The important features of Belum Caves include a length of 3229 metres, pataalaganga point, spacious chambers, long passages, siphons, fresh water galleries and many more. The location of Belum Caves is at Belum village in Kolimigundla Mandal of Kurrnool district in Andhra Pradesh state, India. Belum Caves

At the tourism and travel fair held in Bangalore in the year 2002, this Belum caves was given the best destination award 2002. It's interesting to note that Belum Caves located in our country was discovered by Robert Bruce Foote, a British surveyor in the year 1884. Later a German team headed by H Daniel Gebauer conducted a detailed exploration of this caves. In the year 2002, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) developed this cave as a tourist attraction. It should be noted that only 1.5km of the cave is opened to the tourists. Next to the Krem Um Lawan Cave in Meghalaya, this Belum Cave is the second longest cave in India. The best time to visit Belum Caves is from August to December. Like many other caves, this Belum caves is also having some historical importance. I know before we plan a trip to a particular place, we first think about what can we see from this place or what is the importance of those places? Anyway remember that your trip to Belum Caves will give you an idea regarding the past Indian culture.

Kurnool Belum Caves

When you get a chance to visit Belum Caves, remember that you are getting an opportunity to see the historically as well as geologically important cave. In these caves you will be able to see some indications that Jains as well as Buddhist monks occupied these areas centuries ago. Some of the Buddhists relics that were seen inside these caves are now housed in Ananthapur museum. Remnants of vessels of pre-Buddhist era were also found in these caves. Belum caves IndiaAs a part of attracting tourists to the caves, APTDC developed pathways around 2km of the length of the caves and provided soft illumination, fresh-air-shafts, bridges, staircase etc. Near the entry point of these caves, you can see canteen, washroom, toilet facilities and a giant Buddha statue. In Belum caves, you will be able to see a meditation hall that was used by the Buddhist monks.

For the efforts APTDC was given the National Tourism Award instituted by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of India in the year 2003. The main sections of Belum Caves include simhadwaram, patalaganga, kotilingalu chamber, musical chamber or saptasvarala guha, meditation hall or dhyan mandir, mandapam, thousand hoods and a banyan tree hall respectively. Simhadwaram is a natural arch of stalactites formed in the shape of a lion's head while the kotilingalu chamber contains one huge pillar formed together by stalactite and stalagmite. As the name indicates saptasvarala guha means a chamber of seven notes. There is a section in Belum caves where you will find an amazing collection of stalactite formation that are shaped like the hood of cobra and hence that section got the name as thousand hoods. I think most of you know the actual meaning of banyan tree hall. It's simple to understand it as the section contains a huge pillar with stalactites that is hanging from the ceiling and which gives the look of a banyan tree. Apart from this, you should keep in mind that here guides are available with torches to guide the tourists into the caves. So by reading this article up to this point, I hope all of you got some important information regarding Belum Caves. Don't stop by this and go through the following posts also where you will get more information on Belum Caves.Belum caves photos

Belum caves entry fees:Rs 25- Rs 40 for locals and Indian nationals
Rs 300 for foreign tourists
Belum caves timings: 10:00 AM -5:00 PM

Belum caves Kurnool / accommodation facilities

Since it is very hot and humid at certain sections in Belum caves, it is advisable to carry bottled drinking water when you visit this caves. The nearest towns to Belum caves where you can find hotels to stay are Tadipatri(30km) and Banganpalli(20km). I have already mentioned that at the entrance of the caves you can see a canteen owned by APTDC. It is important to note that Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation runs Punnami hotel in the victinity of Belum caves. Some other places where you can find good hotels include Kurnool(106km) and Ananthapur(85km).

How to reach the Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh?

Belum caves in Andhra Pradesh is located at a distance of 44km from Jammalamadugu, 25km from Banganapalle, 34km from Koilkuntla, 60km from Nandyal, 30km from Tadpatri, 320km from Bangalore, 420km from Chennai, 68km from Proddatur and 85km from Ananthapur respectively. The nearest rail junction is the Kurnool railway station while Hyderabad International Airport is the closest airport. From this airport or railway station, you can reach Belum caves via Kurnool by bus, car or taxi as you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Without doubt I can say that a trip to Belum caves Kurnool will be an experience for all of you.


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