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    How is Andhra Pradesh Relation with others neighboring states?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'How is Andhra Pradesh Relation with others neighboring states?'.
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    Hello friends,

    Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by five States and Bay of Bengal. The name of five states is:

    1. Maharastra
    2. Chhatisgarh
    3. Orissa
    4. Karnataka
    5. Tamilnadu

    The relation between Andhra Pradesh and other states is always seen as a respected manner, Andhra Pradesh policy and rules and regulation never made them seen as an separate state, as seen between some states of north India.

    so in my view its relation is always good with Neighboring States.

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    AP's relationship with Maharastra and Karnataka is foregone conculsion. Both states are creating problem in sharing our legitimate share of waters.

    While Maharastra is bent upon constructing its Babli Project, Karnataka is always interested to increase the hieghts of existing dams.

    Even tribunals have failed to rein on them.

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    very good relationship with neighbours

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    Andhra Para dash is the state of India and has the people of good and friendly mood with each other and the relevant propel of various type. The topic is about the making of relation in best resume writing service with the neighbor state and the people of neighbor country.

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